What is SmartReco-L?

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The following diagram illustrates the call of the function srl_read in a typical SmartReco-L application (form reader):

The task in hand is to process a stack of similar binary images (of forms, documents etc.), where each image contains several OCR read areas (in our case a machineprint numeric and a handprint alphanumeric read area).

First all required classifiers are opened with srl_open.

All images are then read with srl_read, where the respective image, the coordinates of one read area, the corresponding classifier handle and (optional) several configuration parameters are to be passed per call. srl_read generates a result data record for each character of the line, which among others contains a list of possible unicodes with corresponding quality values (probabilities). Using its context knowledge and the result data records of the single characters, the program then forms the read result of the line (e.g. "ROUTE 65").

When the stack has been processed, the open classifiers are closed with srl_close.